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Are you looking for temperature measurement technology products? Then you will be surprised by our countless possibilities with our mineral-insulated thermocouplesand sheathed thermocouples. We offer you a range of special solutions, especially for high temperatures up to 2,300°C. Are you looking for fittings and connectors for your application? We offer you an extensive range of products for all temperature measurement requirements.


Do you want to heat pipes, samples, tools or surfaces, for example, and are looking for a suitable solution for heating outputs of up to 1,000°C? Do you have high requirements or difficult environmental influences? We offer you an extensive range of mineral-insulated sheathed cables and heating conductors. Whether by the meter, with attached cold ends or seamless, all products can be produced individually according to your technical requirements and assembled with connections.


Do you have a heating application and are you looking for a reliable supplier to design and produce your heating solutions? Our experienced team will be happy to support you with the planning, design and implementation of your heating solution - right from the start. Do you have special requirements or are you looking for solutions in the vacuum or high-temperature range? You can look forward to individual solution concepts from ThermoExpert's experienced employees. We love your challenges!

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Trace heating for gas analysis

Customized solutions are the supreme discipline for the thermal experts. They recently received an inquiry from a gas manufacturer who needed a precise and constant temperature for its gas analysis. With clear specifications for the mass flow and pressure as well as the target temperature, a trace heating system had to be cleverly installed in a system with very limited space. Thanks to their experience and high-quality materials, the experts mastered this challenging task to the customer's complete satisfaction - because, in addition, the price-performance ratio and the deadlines were right.

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Sheathed thermocouples with flattened measuring point

Sheathed thermocouples with a flattened measuring point (VMA/IMA) are required, for example, for temperature measurement on pumps and housings or on test benches - wherever temperatures need to be measured in gaps, on surfaces or at low installation heights. Typical applications are in mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and also in the research and development departments of universities and institutes.
The tip of the thermocouple with the measuring point is flattened in several production steps so that the contact surface of the thermocouple is enlarged. This facilitates fixing in the corresponding application and stabilizes the connection with a mechanical component.

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ThermoExpert Your partner for mineral-insulated heating conductors and thermocouples

ThermoExpert offers technical solutions for thermocouples, mineral-insulated heating conductors and customized heating solutions, as well as trace heating based on mineral-insulated sheathed cables. Our focus is on providing individual advice to our customers, from the initial idea to on-time delivery of the product. The good thing is that we offer you our know-how and our products from just one piece!

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Sheathed thermocouples with tapered measuring point

Sheathed thermocouples with a tapered measuring point are our answer to the question of short response times but stable and resilient processing or when, for example, threaded holes require a taper due to their design. Only one end of the thermocouple, including the measuring point, is reduced in diameter so that it remains extremely robust overall and can be ideally inserted into holes or threads using welding sleeves or through-bore fittings.

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Miniature sheathed thermocouples type K

To be honest, we are really proud of our "smallest" products, namely our miniature sheathed thermocouples with an outer diameter of less than 0.5 mm. They are primarily used where very fast response times are required with very thin outer diameters, e.g. for measuring the temperature of spark plugs or engine test benches. If vibrations and similar mechanical stresses prevent the use of resistance thermometers, the miniature sheathed thermocouples are also the ideal solution.

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