We ThermoExperts° stand for precision - not only in manufacturing.

We manufacture all our mineral-insulated thermocouples according to DIN EN 60584, but demanding applications for temperature measurement or generation as well as complex heating solutions require special precision in special cases. No problem! We are happy to give our mineral-insulated sheathed thermocouples, heating conductors and heating applications the necessary finishing touches:

Precision at the highest level

Helium Leakage Test Mineral Insulated Sheathed Heating Cable Services from Thermo Expert

Helium leak test

The helium leak test is primarily used for components that are used for an application or in a production process that takes place in a vacuum or ultra-high vacuum (UHV). In order to avoid pressure loss in the application, we test welds and screw connections on our sheath thermocouples or heating applications in advance. In this way, we can also supply vacuum-compatible products on request, including a test report, which are functional directly at the point of use.

X-Ray Services Mineral Insulated Sheath Thermocouples


X-ray is a non-destructive and highly precise method for examining and checking the condition and tightness of the material. The imaging method can be used to determine defects in installed mineral-insulated thermocouples or heatsealing bands. However, it can also be used, for example, to determine the exact measuring point so that the sheathed thermocouple can be precisely installed. On request, we will be pleased to supply our thermocouples with X-ray images including dimensions and labeling.

Calibration ThermoExpert services sheath thermocouple heating solution


When measurement accuracy is important, we calibrate our mineral-insulated mineral-insulated thermocouples using the fixed-point or comparison method. In this way, the deviations that lie within the standard can be determined exactly. Especially when there are several measuring points in applications, it can be important to know exactly the deviation of the individual thermocouples. Accordingly, we offer you a factory calibration but also the DAkkS calibration.

Mineral insulated sheathed heating cable services from Thermo Expert