Heating solutions Introduction

ThermoExpert° fulfills almost all wishes - and here's how...

From the idea to the design

Temperature problems inspire us to always look for and also find a suitable solution. The highlight: We provide you with an idea for a complete solution from a single source. You don't need to work out anything or outsource parts to third parties.

All we need is a description of what, when, where and why heating is to be performed.

Our creative minds in the team, with their comprehensive understanding of technology and abundant industry experience, will then create an individual concept for you with initial sketches to visualize your request.

We do not develop castles in the air, but take responsibility for sophisticated, feasible heating solutions.

CAD design and engineering

We create all necessary technical drawings and detailed, digital 3D models for your heating solution, i.e. you receive from us

  • A sketch as a basic framework
  • A 3D model of your heating application
  • A heatsealing band calculation and design
  • Single part drawing for our production
  • Release drawing before start of production

Depending on your needs, we can also provide you with an FEM analysis and a feasibility study on the way to your product.

At the end of the design phase, you will have a finished prototype that is optimized for your individual application environment.

The production

Our production and engineering team manufactures your desired application according to the design specifications for the functional prototype. This can result in one-off products but also small series, which, thanks to our manual precision work, exactly meet your needs.
You can trust us! ThermoExpert accompanies you as a supplier from A like design to Z like assembly and delivery. Take advantage of our experience and be inspired by our planning and manufacturing capabilities.