Heatsealing band mounting types

We can offer you a wide range of interesting products for industrial temperature generation. From milliwatts to kilowatts and temperatures up to 1000 °C - with small bending radii that in principle set no limits. Everything according to your specifications and with excellent advice.

There are various options for installing a sheathed heating conductor. The heat output plays a central role here. The higher the temperature, the better the heat transfer must be designed for the higher heat flow. All sheathed heating elements from ThermoExpert° can be bent, wound or embedded and brazed according to their high-quality material properties - individually suitable for all types of installation.

Heat output of '100 W/m or up to 3 W/cm2

At lower temperatures, intensive heat contact is not necessary, so that winding or fixing the heatsealing band with spot-welded metal strips is sufficient, as shown in Figure 1-4.





Heat output of ' 300 W/m or up to 6 W/cm2

In the temperature range around 600°C, it is important that the heating conductor is applied over the entire length with fixed thermal contact: between two plates, brazed or inserted in grooves as shown in Figures 5-7.




Heat output from 300 W/m to 1 KW/m or '6W/cm2

At high temperatures, optimum heat transfer must take place over the entire length and surface. Ideally, the heatsealing band should be inserted into grooves and hard-soldered or cast directly into the metal as shown in Figures 8-9