Mineral insulated sheathed heating cable

For industrial temperature generation we can offer you a variety of interesting products. From milliwatts to kilowatts and temperatures up to 1000 °C - with low bending radii that in principle set no limits. Everything according to your specifications and with excellent advice.


There are various options for installing a sheathed heating cable. The heating capacity plays a central role. The higher the temperature, the better the heat transfer must be designed for the higher heat flow. All sheathed heating conductors from ThermoExpert° can be bent, wound or embedded as well as brazed according to their high-quality material properties - individually suitable for all types of installation.

Mineral insulated sheathed heating cable

Temperature generation

Our heating conductors are wound as meter goods on a ring and are produced by us for you in any length as a ring or delivered cut to length from the roll or sealed. Our mineral-insulated heating conductors [by the meter] can be manufactured with 1-core or 2-core inner conductors. In addition, multi-core inner conductors with and without shielding are also possible in the area of signal cables. Delivery quantities can be freely selected from 4 m to 1,000 m. In addition, we can also manufacture customized cables for you from a purchase quantity to be clarified.

ThermoExpert offers you individual solutions here for jacket material, insulation and inner core.

For many years we have also been offering 'short runs' for research and development as well as very large request quantities for the production area.

Our mineral-insulated sheathed heating cables can also be assembled to your required lengths and equipped with specific connecting cables or even metal-ceramic current connections.

Quality features of our sheathed heating ladder:

ThermoExpert Germany - Expert for heating solutions, temperature measurement technology and temperature generation
  • Small bending radii of 2-3 times outer diameter
  • Temperatures up to 1,000°C possible
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Depending on the requirements, power from a few milliwatts to several kilowatts can be generated
  • Different diameters and design allow a
  • high variety of application possibilities
Mineral insulated sheathed heating conductor Inner core of nickel/chrome

Inner core

Inner core made of nickel/chrome
or other high quality alloy.

ThermoExpert offers you individual solutions here for jacket material, insulation and inner core.Temperature Generation


High density
Magnesium oxide

Mineral-insulated sheathed heating conductor Sheath material e.g. stainless steel or Inconel Temperatures up to 1,000°C possible

Jacket material

e.g. stainless steel
or Inconel

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