Modular sheath thermocouples

Probe with connection head made in Germany for measuring with precision temperature measurement up to 1000 degrees

Measuring with precision and sheer endless possibilities.
No idea is too daring, no project is too complicated for us.

Mineral-insulated sheath thermocouples are used in industry for temperature measurement in hard-to-reach places, as they are extremely flexible and enable high measurement accuracy. In addition, mineral insulated thermocouples have a good resistance to mechanical stress as well as vibrations. Especially with small outside diameters they convince by their fast response times. High-quality sheathed thermocouples also have a long service life. An indispensable product with a wide range of applications in industry and research.

Some compositions are available as standard designs, but most sheath thermocouples are custom-made in every conceivable design. The composition of an individual sheath thermocouple is very simple.

Structure of a sheath thermocouple

The design of a sheath thermocouple works like a modular system. Different sheath thermocouples can be designed, each of which can be combined with a measuring point and a selection of connections. This results in the following basic variants:

Structure sheath thermocouple, modular system, sheath thermocouples different types.

Measuring point

Choose the perfect solution for you from several options.

Sheath material / diameter

Short info and further

Thermal and compensation line

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Connectors and connections

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Type and color coding according to DIN EN 60584


Application temperatures according to jacket materials

Thermocouple type
Thermocouple + / -
Short form +/-
Stainless steel (V)
Stainless steel (VMO)
Inconel600 (I)
Nickel (VXS)
    1.45411.44042.4816Special alloy 
kkKNickel-Chrome /NickelNiCr/Ni-200 to + 800°C-40 to + 800°C-200 to + 1100°C-200 to + 1200°C 
jjJIron / Copper-NickelFe/CuNi-40 to + 750°C--- 
nnNNickel-Chromium-Silicon / Nickel-SiliconNiCrSi/NiSi---200 to + 1150°C-200 to + 1300°C 
eeENickel-Cromium / Copper-NickelNiCr/CuNi-200 to + 900°C--200 to + 900°C- 
ttTKufper / Copper-NickelCu/CuNi-200 to + 350°C--- 
Jacket material
Outer Ø in mm
kkKStainless steel (V)xxxxxxxxxxxx
kkKInconel600 (I)xxxxxxxxxxxx
kkKNickel special alloy (VXS)    xxxxxxxx
jjJStainless steel (V)     xxxx   
nnNInconel600 (I) xxxxxxxxxxx
nnNNickel special alloy (VXS)    xxxxxxxx
eeEStainless steel (V)    xxxxx   
eeEInconel600 (I)    xxxxx   
ttTStainless steel (V)    xxxxx