ThermoExpert® - we are behind successful solutions for temperature measurement, temperature generation and individual heating solutions for industry and research.

Are you looking for temperature measurement technology products? Then you will be surprised by our countless possibilities with our mineral-insulated thermocouplesand sheathed thermocouples. We offer you a range of special solutions, especially for high temperatures up to 2,300°C. Are you looking for fittings and connectors for your application? We offer you an extensive range of products for all temperature measurement requirements.


Do you want to heat pipes, samples, tools or surfaces, for example, and are looking for a suitable solution for heating outputs of up to 1,000°C? Do you have high requirements or difficult environmental influences? We offer you an extensive range of mineral-insulated sheathed cables and heating conductors. Whether by the meter, with attached cold ends or seamless, all products can be produced individually according to your technical requirements and assembled with connections.


Do you have a heating application and are you looking for a reliable supplier to design and produce your heating solutions? Our experienced team will be happy to support you with the planning, design and implementation of your heating solution - right from the start. Do you have special requirements or are you looking for solutions in the vacuum or high-temperature range? You can look forward to individual solution concepts from ThermoExpert's experienced employees. We love your challenges!

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Sheathed thermocouple with flange

Typical application examples for sheathed thermocouples

Sheathed thermocouples, also known as sheathed thermocouples, are used in various industries and applications where precise temperature measurements are required. This type of thermocouple consists of two different metallic conductors that are connected at one end and open at the other. The open ends are placed at the location where the temperature is to be measured. ThermoExpert° Deutschland GmbH, with its managing directors Heiko Gevert and Andreas Helf, has been a partner to all these branches of industry and research for many years. The range of applications for thermocouples is almost unlimited - as is the wealth of ideas for helping customers achieve their goals.

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Heating solutions from ThermoExpert

In this short film, you can see the heating of a customer-specific heating solution in fast motion. The required final temperature is reached extremely evenly and to the point - constantly and precisely monitored by our jacket thermocouples from our own production. With our team in Stapelfeld, we have been successfully implementing even the most complicated or complex requirements for many years - from minimal heating capacities to heating plates or surfaces with several kW output. Our clients can be found in research and education, the food industry, aerospace, the automotive sector and so on.

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Employer of the year award

Employer of the year 2023

If the working atmosphere is right, the economic result will also be right.

As simple as the calculation is, it can be challenging in day-to-day work to reconcile as many employee interests as possible with customer projects. But as ThermoExperts, we love challenges and we master them best in conversation. As the founders of ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH, we don't sit in an ivory tower, but are very close to our employees.

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international employees live by perfect teamwork at ThermoExpert

Perfect teamwork

Finding qualified employees is certainly a challenge. Unfortunately, our industry is no exception. We are therefore all the happier that we were able to recruit a new colleague from Syria for our team despite a number of hurdles. There were hurdles both for the new colleague, whose degree in measurement technology was not recognized by the German authorities, and for us, as we also had to deal with a few piles of small print as an employer.

At the end of the day, however, we have gained a valuable, committed new employee for our international team. We tend to see different cultures as an enrichment and as an employer we make it possible to live them.

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Sheathed thermocouples Shop from ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH

New: Shop for sheathed thermocouples

As you know, the ThermoExperts are specialists for all topics relating to heating, temperature measurement and the generation of temperatures - in addition, we now offer the option of ordering the required thermocouples quickly and easily online in our online store [ ] for standard items that are always in demand. Here you will find thermocouples of types K, J, N and L. Sensor length and sheath materials can be easily selected via dropdown - immediate production of your order here in Stapelfeld is of course guaranteed - as always, the TE° team looks forward to receiving your orders.

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Angle thermocouple with thermowell, measuring with precision, mineral-insulated sheathed thermocouple, temperature measurement, ThermoExpert production

Sheathed thermocouple or PT 100 - a comparison and overview of the differences

In order to measure temperatures accurately, reproducibly and with long-term stability, platinum resistance thermometers (PT100) can be used in addition to sheathed thermocouples. To make the right choice, it is important to check your requirements in terms of accuracy, long-term stability and temperature range, as well as the ambient conditions. ThermoExpert GmbH has been advising its customers for over 10 years and finds a technical solution for every challenge. We would be happy to advise you too - contact us at any time, e.g. via our chat function on the website

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