Why we are the ThermoExperts

Heiko Gevert and Andreas Helf founded the company together in 2012 in Stapelfeld, just outside Hamburg, and are the managing directors of ThermoExpert Deutschland GmbH. The result is a vibrant business that the two managing directors shape with their traditional understanding of the values of quality, reliability and punctuality. 

The team makes the difference for us

Our wide-ranging know-how, the different professional backgrounds and experiences complement each other perfectly - and all this in a family atmosphere. Many individual specialists become an extremely powerful team that sticks together and works in an extremely solution-oriented manner. We are proud of every single member of our team and trust them almost blindly - that's why our motto from the very beginning is: Never change a running team!

Of course, ISO certified.

ThermoExpert ISO Certification

Since April 2013 our company
is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Engaged Employers.

Our markets.

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Tool and mold making
  • Plant and turbine construction
  • Power Engineering
  • Energy transition research
  • Aerospace
  • Medical technology and analytics
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive industry