Heating solutions from ThermoExpert

A few impressions

Thanks to our many years of experience and expert knowledge, we are your partner for special applications in the high-temperature range from 200°C to 1,000°C, such as:

  • Heater for heating gases and air
  • Trace heating for pipes and lines
  • Tool heaters for the heating and heating of tools or of mechanical components in production
  • Sample heater for heating and heating of material samples and for analysis of ingredients
  • Heating plates in different sizes and geometries for generating process heat or heating materials
  • Heating of flanges, fittings and nozzles to prevent cold bridges and condensate formation or to avoid temperature gradients in the production chain
  • Radiant heaters, substrate heaters and infrared heaters for coating and drying as well as for vacuum applications
  • Cartridge heaters and filament heaters for spot heating of bodies and tools

Do you have a similar project or particularly difficult environmental influences? Contact us. We are already successfully supporting our customers in central markets of industry and in the field of universities and research, so that we can also develop a suitable solution for you.

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